In this interactive workshop we will discover, explore, and share our own curiosities. Through movement, writing, and play, we will discover ways to awaken our inspirations and build upon our capacity for creative thinking.

In this workshop we will learn a way to process our perceived failures. We will explore how we can transform our beliefs about challenges into something new and useful, learn from it, create from it, and celebrate it. 

Music, Movement, and Storytelling come together in this fun, focused clinic. Thomas will work with students with the goal of emphasizing individual strengths and talents, improving connection to material, exploring context, authenticity, technique, purposeful movement, and improved performance. Using, at times, unconventional methods, he will customize his approach according to each performer.

Signs and Synchronicity (meaningful coincidences) can be extremely helpful in times of grief, pain, loss, anxiety, isolation, reflection, and as a way to connect. This workshop presents a proactive approach to engaging with signs & synchronistic events which are open and available to all of us.

TikTok Musicals: Exploration & Activation provides an opportunity to explore the current popular trends on Social Media including TikTok. Instrumental, Vocal, Dance, Theatre, Visual Arts and more are all present and robust on the platform. Through interactive conversations, polls, video clips, and chats participants will be a part of the experience. During the workshop we explore the history of the TikTok Musical, hear from Broadway professionals in a surprising way, and create & post TikTok videos using a unique hashtag for the entire group to join.