why the educators collective virtual summit?

When I was 16 years old I was cast as the Scarecrow in a production of The Wiz at Midlothian High School in Virginia. Little did I know how this moment would become a singularly defining and transformative event in my life. However, our Director, Katherine Baugher, and Choreographers, Harry Bryce and Matron Gales knew the potential this experience could provide. They provided not only a safe space which allowed us to discover artistic self-expression, but also taught us the vigors of the craft. We had to put in the work to make magic. 

As Educators, you already know about these moments. The moments when you see the lightbulb go on in the students eyes. Those moments when your senses tell you the work you have done has had a positive and lasting impact. All the hard work pays off when you see the success in your students’ lives. When you tap again into your life’s work, which brings such meaning.

My vision for The Educators Collective is to support, encourage, and provide opportunities for students, educators, and the community to come together. To curate discussions and connections which will allow those involved to continue to create impactful, inspiring, and transformational experiences. 

One aspect of the journey is The Educators Collective Virtual Summit.The summit is a personal & professional development event which will bring exceptional leaders in education together from around the world. The experience has been created to connect educators, create a safe space, explore ideas & topics, share best practices, and provide support. Collectively the wisdom, experience, and skills are encouraged to be examined and collaborated with all who attend. Through workshops, guest speakers, interactive events, surprise box deliveries, discussions, and dynamic interactions, the event promises to be a game-changer to the current conference model.

Space is limited to provide a more personalized, customized, and connected experience. No longer will you be rushing to the next workshop, quickly eating lunch, and feeling pressure to absorb tons of information and have expectations to apply it all immediately. The event aims to carve out time for us to all connect, see, listen, hear, share, support, encourage, and be present. And to honor the work being done with fellow educators.

The event is virtual intentionally as it provides more educators access to attend, without the costs associated with travel. While there are plans for future events to be in person, this year provides a wonderful opportunity to delve into the vast creative options in front of us.

These are unprecedented times. What better time to explore our creativity and interconnectedness. Hope you will join us.

Thank you,

Thomas Schultheis

If you have any questions, please email: theeducatorscollective@gmail.com